Craig Taubman - My Newish Jewish Discovery

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My Jewish Discovery


We made this recording to celebrate the joy of Jewish music, culture and community values with you. My Newish Jewish Discovery will teach you, stretch your imagination and fill your heart with song. We hope that when you listen, you will think about the words you hear, act on the ideas you have and begin to make a difference in the community around you. We could not package the My Newish Jewish Discovery Children's Museum, but we wanted you to have a piece of us for your own "discovery".

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All Music, Lyrics, Vocals and Stories
Craig Taubman

Hand in Hand by
Michael Turner and Craig Taubman

Produced by
Michael Turner and Craig Taubman

Executive Producer
Esther Netter

Arranged by
Michael Turner

Graphic Design by
Caryl Bass

Cover Art by
Roni Kaylin

Photography by
Michael Segal

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