One Shabbat Morning

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One Shabbat Morning


One Shabbat Morning CD

"Almost two years ago my congregation began to actively explore creative prayer. I expected it to be a meaningful experience for the congregants ... little did I know how it would impact me as well. After the first One Shabbat Morning service, I was overcome with emotion - tears of joy, a feeling that something special had happened. The music had lifted us all to higher spiritual levels. I hope this CD will give you a sense of the magic of One Shabbat Morning, invigorating your spirit, renewing your faith in the beauty of Shabbat."

Rabbi Moshe Rothblum - Adat Ari El

One Shabbat Morning is a project of Congregation Adat Ari El and is made possible through the generous support and guidance of The Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles, The Jewish Music Foundation, The Stone Family, Synagogue 2000 and The Los Angeles Board of Rabbis.

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All Music, Lyrics, Vocals and Stories
Craig Taubman

Hand in Hand by
Michael Turner and Craig Taubman

Produced by
Michael Turner and Craig Taubman

Executive Producer
Esther Netter

Arranged by
Michael Turner

Graphic Design by
Caryl Bass

Cover Art by
Roni Kaylin

Photography by
Michael Segal

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Mi Shebeirach
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Eitz Chaim
Hu Eloheinu
Sim Shalom
Ein Keiloheinu
Adon Olam
Principles of One Shabbat Morning

One Shabbat Morning Sheet Music

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