My Zany Music - Totally Zany


  1. My Zany Music - The Zany Gang
  2. Wheels on a Big Rig - Trout Fishing in America
  3. Don't You Just Know It - Bill Harley
  4. Tongo! - Billy Jonas
  5. Water - Lenny Graf
  6. Mah Na Mah Na - The Re-Bops
  7. The Window - Trout Fishing in America
  8. Word Play - Sugar Beats
  9. Googolplex - Jack Pearson
  10. What Kind of Cat Are You? - Billy Jonas
  11. My Hair Had a Party Last Night - Trought Fishing in America
  12. I'm Outta Here - Craig 'n Co.

Produced by
Craig 'n Co.

Various Artists

Totally Zany

Sometimes you gotta dance, sometimes you gotta play and something you just gotta get...TOTALLY ZANY!

One listen to these silly tongue twisting tunes will definitely put a smile on your face! And hey, you may even learn a thing or two...like how do you divide the wheels on a big rig by pi? Or what is a googolplex? So, get ready for another addition to the My Zany Music Series, and let's get...Totally Zany!

Price: $15.00


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