Craig ‘N Co. Song Use Request Form




The use of the song(s) will require a standard mechanical royalty, in the form of payment (from Commercial/For-profit businesses) or donation (from Non-profit organizations) at the statutory rate, $.09 per song per unit sold. Please note the following requests:

  1. We ask that you forward us two copies of the recording and/or book upon completion
  2. Craig's credit should include:a. Appropriate song title (noted above – ie. “Be Human”)
    b. Original album on which the song appears (ie. Voice of the Spirit)
    c. Music and Lyrics by Craig Taubman
    d. © Sweet Louise Music BMI 1991
  3. You agree to contact us if the nature of the use of this song should change
  4. We have a favored nations understanding (i.e. no other parties receive more favorable terms)
  5. The mechanical royalty is the statutory rate, $.09 per song per unit sold and we request an advance on 1,000 units upon signing of this agreement. Thereafter, payment should be processed bi-annually on any further units produced/sold.For example, if you are purchasing one song and expecting to sell 1000 units, the fee for use will be $.09x 1000 or $90. (1000 unit minimum i.e. $90) This is due at time of your use request along with your submission form.

Craig 'n Co. must receive an accounting and royalty statement no later than 30 days after June 30 and December 31 of each year.

FOR COMMERCIAL/FOR-PROFIT BUSINESSES: Checks are payable to Craig 'n Co.

FOR NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS: Checks are payable to Pico Union Project.

All checks should be mailed to the appropriate payee at the following address:

Pico Union Project
1153 Valencia St
Los Angeles, 90015


If you accept the terms of this agreement, please click the "Submit" button below. We will return a fully executed copy for your files. Please do not hesitate to call us if we can be of any further assistance. Good luck with your project!

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